Dr. Rick Spencer; Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Spencer has two Doctorates.
Dr. Spencer's first Doctorate is in Clinical Psychology and the second Doctorate in Developmental Psychology.  Dr. Rick Spencer is a Licensed Psychologist in the State of Florida.

Dr. Spencer's Experience
Dr. Spencer's has over 25+ years of Clinical Experience Pensacola, Florida.  Dr. Rick Spencer completed his Intership and Residency at Tulane Medical School in New Orleans, Louisiana.  To view a short video on Veterans with PTSD; click on PTSD.  To read the article from the Pensacola News Journal, click on PNJ.

Dr. Spencer's Practice
Dr. Spencer treats teens and adults with individual, family and couple's (marriage) counseling and has specialized training in marital treatment, such as Imago therapy. Dr. Spencer conducts psychological evaluations across the age span from age 4 and up. These evaluations include psycho-educational, intelligence, attention, and psychological/personality assessment. Legal consultations, such as court-ordered custody evaluations and testimony, are also provided. Dr. Spencer also provides medical consultation evaluations such as pre-surgical psychological screenings for bariatric surgery and spinal cord stimulator implantation, as well as for other pain management issues.  For Curriculum Vitae, click here: CV.pdf

Psychological Associates 
Dr. Spencer is a partner in Psychological Associates which is a multi-specialty mental health practice.  Psychological Associates provides Psychological and Psychiatric evaluations, Testing, Legal Testimony, Psychotherapy, Medication Management, and Memory Clinic Evaluations.  How can we help you today?